30 years ifw Jena

On January 13, 1992, exactly 30 years ago, the articles of association of the Institute for Joining Technology and Materials Testing were signed. This laid the foundation for 30 years of innovative research work on joining and testing. With welding processes - whether with arc or laser beam, by hand, with robots and even as a method of 3D printing of steel - the institute is still engaged today. ... read more

Production technology and materials technology are the center of the research activities of the Günter Köhler Institute for Joining Technology and Materials Testing, in short ifw Jena. Our scientists, engineers and technicians work with partners from industry, commerce and universities as well as other research institutes to develop innovative products and technology solutions in the areas of

Ultra short pulse laser processing | Additive manufacturing | Diffusion bonding | Material Science | Industry 4.0 | CO2 laser processing | Simulation and Design | Welding | Soldering and brazing | Adhesive bonding

As a non-university, non-profit industrial research institution, we conduct precompetitive, application-oriented research and development for production technology solutions. We work on publicly funded research projects and on direct order of the industry.